Prep Instructions Colonoscopy

A colonoscopy is one of the best ways to spot or help prevent colon cancer. Your colon has to be empty and clean for your doctor to get a proper look at it. To make that happen, you’ll have to fast and use strong laxatives beforehand. It’s inconvenient and unpleasant, but it’s temporary, and it might help save your life.

Your doctor has prescribed one of the following laxatives to use during your preparation for your colonoscopy. Please review the instructions carefully to ensure successful preparation.

Written Instructions: Colonoscopy Prep with Suprep
Video: (English) (Espanol)

Written Instructions: Colonoscopy Prep with Prepopik
Video: (English or Espanol)

Co-Lyte, Nu-Lyte or Tri-Litely
Written Instructions: Colonoscopy Prep with Co-Lyte, Nu-Lyte or Tri-Litely

Prep Instructions ERCP/EUS/EGD

Written Instructions: ERCP-EUS-EGD Prep

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